Mascots are taking over social media.

Mascots have always been powerful branding tools. Now, thanks to social media, they have become a brand’s best friend. Social sites, such as Facebook and YouTube, are giving marketers a chance to develop character, storyline, and expression for mascots. Previously, mascots were limited to being featured in short commercials and packaging. Now, there is a limitless playing field to engage in with their own social media pages and sites.

Many brands, such as Spam, have recently created mascots specifically for the opportunity to go viral. Other brands, such as Planters, revamped their vintage mascots into witty animated spokespersons online. Mr. Peanut is now more interactive and engaging than ever before. M&Ms, Michelin, and Green Giant have also been giving their mascots more voice and face time on the internet.

Why is this trend taking over so abruptly? Marketers have noticed that consumers are more likely to follow and like a character with personality than a faceless product on social media. Statistics show that the most followed and liked brands on social media have mascots representing them. According to Progressive’s perky mascot, Flo, is leading this trend with over 4 million likes. Captain Morgan compares very closely with the highest percentage of fans that engage in their posts.

Leaders in this trend:

  • Progressive
  • Captain Morgan
  • M&Ms
  • Mr. Peanut
  • Geico

To see more stats in these mascot races visit:

If you think a mascot could increase your brand awareness on social media, Creativetopia would love to bring it to life! Our designers have the imagination and skills to create a unique and memorable face for your brand. Or if your brand needs to be evolved for social media purposes, we can help with that too! What mascots do you follow on social media?

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