The way your brand looks is worth a thousand words. Why your brand identity impression is important.

Imagine you are about to step into an important meeting with a client who can make or break your day. You know exactly what outfit you would wear to give off the most professional impression possible right? Have you considered that the client you are about to meet may already have an impression from you by your brand identity? Specifically, your logo and website are usually the first representations of what you have to offer. The way your brand looks is worth a thousand words, which is why you want to make sure its the right words.

There are many guides and ways to make sure your identity reflects organization, success, and uniqueness over your competitors. First and foremost, does your logo represent your goals?

The DONT’s

Here are some red flags that could possibly hinder your logo from being the best that it can be.

  1. There are too many fonts or it is hard to read.
  2. Everyone uses imagery similar to yours making it cliche.
  3. It requires color or special effects.
  4. It has a raster image.
  5. It is difficult to understand and remember.


The DO’s

Instead, strengthened logos will usually have qualities like these

  1. It is simple, which means it is easy to understand and read. This also allows it to be on a variety of media, such as a sky high billboard or a tiny postage stamp.
  2. It is unique with original thought. Uniqueness demands more attention and recognition than a run of the mill stock image that people may have seen before time and time again.
  3. It can be displayed in black and white. A reason it is beneficial to use minimal effects is because people viewing your logo in different ways can impact the quality of it. For example, if it was faxed and printed on a black and white printer, it could lose a lot of the design.
  4. The style suits the company.
  5. It is well balanced.

When your logo is strong, your website and any other medium you choose to utilize should follow its example. In turn, others have the opportunity to perceive you as the strong and prepared individual you are before you even speak.

Do you have any examples of some great identities that leave a lasting impression?

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