Bringing Brands to Life with Style

Many assume that fine art and illustration are one in the same. However, this is not the case. Unlike fine art, illustration is a form of visual communication with the purpose of delivering, influencing, or advertising specific emotions and opinions. Some of the most memorable and successful advertising in the world have contained illustrations that stamped a lasting impression in people’s minds.

How exactly does an illustration do all this? Essentially, it needs a strong and appropriate style to support its content and goals.

The notion may sound simple enough, but there are countless ways to illustrate a single idea. So, how do you know what style would support the message you want to deliver to your audience?

The same concepts used in graphic design, such as line, color, and shape are taken into consideration. These details invoke a major influence in marketing because they ultimately effect how brands are perceived. The style is the personality of the brand in which marketers strive to make as appealing as possible. Like other design, the way illustration influences a message derives from its style and content. For example, if one were trying to convey an optimistic, happy, and warm message, they would most likely feature a bright yellow or orange in the illustration. Another example is if one were conveying nurturing, motherly, and peaceful messages, they would not feature sharp jagged edges and shapes.

A large part of the way individuals perceive and relate to graphics is based on personal experiences, however our modern culture has heavily influenced the way we relate to them as well. For example, the stereotype of blue and pink to differentiate gender in babies is widely accepted. Therefore, a feminine product such as makeup or lingerie, is more likely to feature pink than blue in its advertising because we are brought up from birth to identify and relate with certain colors.

These observations do not suggest a right or wrong way to decide on an advertising style. And there is not a specific formula to create a successful illustration, but being aware of these views when trying to establish your own unique brand is important. Creativetopia’s design experts are equipped with the knowledge to help you obtain the perfect style for your business advertising. If you would like help in stepping up your advertising strategy, feel free to give us a call. Visual communication is our specialty.

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