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5 ways to make your website stand out from your competition

620,480,777 Making your website stand out from the crowd. What does this number mean to you? According to Netcraft’s Web Server Survey, that’s the number of active websites as of October 2012 so for all you website owners out there, your jaw probably just dropped. While the competition for website traffic isn’t as cut throat as […]

Twitter header photo - revamping Twitter personality

The new Twitter header photo allows you to be more forward facing. Twitter got a makeover and it’s looking more and more like Facebook in disguise. For those of you who are avid Tweeters you know all about the new Twitter header photo option released last week. Much like the new Facebook timeline, Twitter is focusing a […]

Creativetopia - The Law of Attraction for Developing Your Brand

 How strong is your brand identity? Recognition is the result of a well developed brand identity. Before we approach someone or some situation, we usually spend a bit of time surveying. We’re like scavengers, looking and listening intently in order to collect as much information as possible so that by the time we actually make […]

It’s a competitive world out there for logos…So what makes a good logo design? Our talented Creative Director, in his naturally direct tone, answers, “Something that’s memorable.” But what is it that makes a logo design “memorable?” It obviously all starts with a creative concept but how then do you turn that concept into a […]

Live Long and Prosper with Creativetopia

For years, researchers have been speculating whether or not happiness is the key to longevity. Our surroundings contribute to our mood. Have you ever noticed how people just seem to exude a more positive attitude when…

web design nashville

There are those that know how to draw, there are those who can create and crack code and then there are graphic and web designers who usually do a little bit of both. Think of your brand like your home. If you’re going to be inviting you…

copywriting nashville

“Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.” — Joseph Pulitzer

Flexible Packaging Solutions

The Project Scope Flexible Packaging Solutions Inc. is at the forefront of the packaging industry. Our man Stan, a multi-million dollar sales rep for the flexible packaging industry, and his wife Cindy were looking to propel their online sales so we hooked them up with a fresh logo and website design. We worked to come up […]

When it comes to branding, many people think they can do it themselves. All you need is a cool logo and a complementary catch phrase, throw it on a business card and a website and wam-bam you’re done. Right?

Patterson Industry

The Project Scope Based in Columbia, TN, Patterson Industry is a family owned business made up of a talented team of employees who work hard to repair and manufacture parts. Starting from humble beginnings and built on the principle that honesty and quality are the key to earning your business, they don’t have a fancy […]