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Twitter header photo - revamping Twitter personality

The new Twitter header photo allows you to be more forward facing. Twitter got a makeover and it’s looking more and more like Facebook in disguise. For those of you who are avid Tweeters you know all about the new Twitter header photo option released last week. Much like the new Facebook timeline, Twitter is focusing a […]

Social Networking: Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Clients

Social Networking is essential to growing your business and a large part of what we do at Creativetopia is help build social bridges. Not only do we build our own personal bridges of success, but we help our clients build relationships with potential clients of interest, as well as strengthen and foster the relationships they […]

Live Long and Prosper with Creativetopia

For years, researchers have been speculating whether or not happiness is the key to longevity. Our surroundings contribute to our mood. Have you ever noticed how people just seem to exude a more positive attitude when…