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5 ways to make your website stand out from your competition

620,480,777 Making your website stand out from the crowd. What does this number mean to you? According to Netcraft’s Web Server Survey, that’s the number of active websites as of October 2012 so for all you website owners out there, your jaw probably just dropped. While the competition for website traffic isn’t as cut throat as […]

WordPress Web Design: Why WordPress is the best platform for your brand-

We love the flexibility of WordPress web design. We’ve tried many different CMS platforms but when it comes down to it we have a thing for the WordPress web design platform. Said to be the most user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), this free, open-source platform is not only a cost-effective web design solution for the client, but it simplifies […]


Website Development Nashville can help ensure your website is a piece of cake to navigate. We’ve stressed it again and again, if you’re a brand that wants to build a successful following, you’ve absolutely got to have web presence. Promoting your brand on Facebook and Twitter is great but doesn’t do much good if you […]

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There are those that know how to draw, there are those who can create and crack code and then there are graphic and web designers who usually do a little bit of both. Think of your brand like your home. If you’re going to be inviting you…

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“Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.” — Joseph Pulitzer

Flexible Packaging Solutions

The Project Scope Flexible Packaging Solutions Inc. is at the forefront of the packaging industry. Our man Stan, a multi-million dollar sales rep for the flexible packaging industry, and his wife Cindy were looking to propel their online sales so we hooked them up with a fresh logo and website design. We worked to come up […]

When it comes to branding, many people think they can do it themselves. All you need is a cool logo and a complementary catch phrase, throw it on a business card and a website and wam-bam you’re done. Right?

Patterson Industry

The Project Scope Based in Columbia, TN, Patterson Industry is a family owned business made up of a talented team of employees who work hard to repair and manufacture parts. Starting from humble beginnings and built on the principle that honesty and quality are the key to earning your business, they don’t have a fancy […]

Layla Mays Photography

The Project Scope Layla, a local portrait photographer, was in need of a website that captures her artistic eye. After meeting with Layla and really getting to know her as a person and an artist we developed a clean, crisp website that focuses on her photography and showcases her work in a user-friendly way. The CMS […]

Shred Etc.

The Project Scope Shred Etc., located in Columbia, Tennessee, provides “safe, secure, protected” document shredding, hard drive destruction and etc. services for cities in and around Middle Tennessee. When the green-friendly company decided to launch their brand in a more professional fashion, they came to us for advice on how to do so. They wanted […]