Why we are willing to spend more on certain products

Have you ever been scolded for judging a book by its cover? Let’s be honest, weather we like it or not, we all do at least in the advertising world. When we are at the grocery store strolling the aisles of endless products on the shelves, which ones do we notice first? Almost every time, it is products that possess eye catching package design.

Packaging is the core of a product’s success. Generally, a product has approximately a five second window to catch a consumer’s attention before their eyes skip onto the next. If a consumer is attracted to the packaging, then they are more inclined to accept and like the product inside. This is why packaging design plays such an important role.

What ways does packaging attract our attention? There are design strategies that must work together to ensure the package represents the quality of the product. Colors and graphics generate immediate conclusions in consumers’ minds. For example, if a consumer is looking for organic tea, they may notice green packaging more quickly because most people associate the color green with natural.

Persuading a consumer to look at a product for more than five seconds is the first part of the goal, but persuading them to hold it increases the chances that they will buy it. This is why the shape and feel of the package must lure the senses in buyers. A uniquely shaped package indicates that the product inside is also unique. For example, a slender and tall package can suggest that the product is healthier than the stubby wide product beside it.

Subtle details like this may seem miniscule, but they play a major part in the way consumers subconsciously judge a product. Here are some well-known brands that have gained attention recently for their eye-catching packaging design.

Doritos and Coca-Cola
These renowned brands jumpstarted a revival on vintage packaging. By revisiting their roots and putting a modern spin on it, they increased nostalgia amongst its consumers. Doritos gained attention when they released a retro-style design for their Taco Flavor Chips. This is a redesigned version from the 1960’s that has remained popular. Coca-Cola has done the same with a majority of its packaging. Its throwback designs, representing that Coca-Cola has for over 125 years, have created an identity throughout the brand that celebrates its timelessness.

Tazo and Nivea
Other brands have cleaned up their package design with a more minimalist approach. With mostly white packaging accented with pops of color, they look more fresh, clean, and healthy. This trend has increased because of the modern appeal it encompasses over brands. Tazo’s beautiful collection of herbal teas stands out amongst its competitors with bright pallets aside neutral tones of text. While Nivea’s new simplified label design suggests hygiene and health.

What design qualities does your favorite products possess?

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