Creating relevancy and social media exposure is crucial to increase traffic to your website.

When it comes to business, as much exposure as possible is always a part of the advertising plan.


With a goal of exposure, Facebook is a great opportunity to increase traffic to your website and increase sales. Why not use a media that has over one billion users in which over half of them use EVERY day. Why not use a media that is on three out of every four smartphones with an average of an 89% online exposure rate as opposed to other online advertising that usually averages at 38%. Big or small, old or new, companies should consider utilizing a Facebook page for advertising their business.

Facebook gains brand awareness, ultimately increasing attention to that company through likes, shares, and followers. Small businesses have gained the most benefit from Facebook because they are able to reach the smaller ranges of people they need, especially locally. When businesses have gained a large following or fan base, it increases the perception of the business size. In addition, it earns newcomers professionalism and trust more quickly. When potential customers see that their friends like it, they are more inclined to have a good feeling about it too.

Online strategist, Freddie Jansson has said,

“A large part of companies’ potential customers are there. Therefore, in my opinion, all companies should have a Facebook page where they can interact with their customers … No other advertising channel, at least where you can communicate, can compete with those numbers.”


Large and local businesses alike can benefit from the free marketing and public relations of a Twitter account as well. One basic benefit of Twitter is the access to knowledge of what leaders in specific industries are doing. By following them, they can give great ideas for growth. It is also useful to have the ability to see if anyone has mentioned your business or competition. Reporters, bloggers, and social media gurus tend to use twitter more frequently than other networks. Also, a twitter profile increases visibility. Including a link to a website or splash page on the profile is even more beneficial.

Instagram & Pinterest

These two social networks may be tailored to more specific target audiences. That could be a good thing for business. Instagram is dominated by the younger population ranging from 18-34. Businesses such as Nike and individuals such as James Franco have successfully utilized Instagram to promote themselves. Nike relates themselves to sports and has created a username with each major sport for users to follow their preferred choice. James Franco regularly posts about upcoming projects, books, plays, and movies which allows interested users to comment and like. Aside from following others, the best way to gain a recognition on Instagram is by creating hashtags. Hashtags can lead users to your page where you can reach out.

If your business is mainly targeted toward females and involves selling products, then Pinterest may be for you. Many potential customers use Pinterest to gain inspiration for their next buys. They spend longer amounts of time on the site or app than other medias, which can lead to sales. The most popular categories searched on Pinterest are Food and Drink, DIY and Crafts, and Home Decor. So, if your business relates to these topics at all, considering Pinterest could be a wise decision. Both of these medias can allow businesses to be more personal and engaging as long as they are reaching out to the right target audience.

Google Plus & Google Local Listings

A Google Plus can spotlight you when consumers search for keywords on their computer, smartphone, or any other mobile device. Most people search for local businesses online weather it is through Search, Maps, or Google+. This also allows customers to rate, review, endorse, and share your businesses products or services with others. Many people rely heavily on testimonials, so any amount of those is always helpful.

Posting regularly and letting users know what is going on can increase website traffic and online sales. However, posting too frequently or too sporadically can leave a negative impression on followers and users. Maintaining a timed rhythm of posting is key. This allows better management of responses to comments. Being able to directly interact with customers is a major advantage. Every business should take advantage for the chance of exposure every day.

Do you use social media for your business? Do you feel any financial impact?

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