Why are these mascots so influential towards their brands?

Mascots are making a comeback in the advertising world and they are offering a competitive advantage. Leading brands such as Nestle, Target, Disney, McDonalds, Pillsbury, Geico, Energizer, Mr. Clean, and Camel would not be as successful without such iconic mascots. They dramatically increased sales for these brands and have remained as household names for years. Mickey Mouse, now over 80 years old, has proven to be the most widely recognizable character in the world thus far.

Not every brand needs to have a mascot, but there are many reasons companies have them, especially if their brand focuses on children and parents. Mascots encompass a nurturing, playful, and trustworthy personality that appeals to this particular audience. When they are used as a spokesperson for the brand’s message, the product instantly becomes more interesting and interactive. Mascots such as the Nesquik Bunny, Tony the Tiger, and Toucan Sam demonstrate engaging and expressive qualities that stand out in a competitive industry. These particular mascots are breakfast characters that children become connected to, and ultimately influence their favorite breakfast cereals.

A large portion of mascots are geared towards children and parent audiences, but that does not mean they are limited to that audience in the least. Camel, Geico, Energizer, Mr. Clean, and many others aim for wider target audiences very successfully. The style and personality of these mascots range depending on the brand’s goals. However, the one quality that all mascots aim to achieve is trust. When consumers favor a mascot they are more inclined to trust in the product.

Mascots may seem old school, but they have the ability to be a powerful branding tool that increases value throughout the years. If you think a mascot would build your brand, Creativetopia would love to bring it to life! Our designers have the imagination and skills to create a unique and memorable face for your brand. If you already one, and would just like to evolve your mascot, we can help with that too!

These mascots are advertising veterans. How long have the faces of your favorite brands been in business?

  • Mickey Mouse 1928
  • McDonalds 1966
  • Tony the Tiger 1952
  • Mr. Peanut 1916
  • Michelin Man 1898
  • Pillsbury Doughboy 1965
  • Mr. Clean 1958
  • Energizer Bunny 1989
  • Toucan Sam 1963
  • Camel 1987
  • Trix Rabbit 1959

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