Different design suits different goals

After creating a strong identity and logo, what is next? If you are unsure of what imagery benefits your brand and supports your business goals, consider some basic options first. Try and ask yourself, what kind of design accessories support your logo, website, and other medias?

A main component of designing for your brand is imagery. Other design elements, such as layout, will come in later. Visual characteristics are the main way people remember and recognize you, especially in marketing. We are visual learners, so being interesting to look at is extremely important in a competitive environment. Imagery is not just an eye candy coating on top, it delivers your message in ways that written text can’t.

There are two main ways to represent imagery in print and online platforms: illustration and photography. Which kind will benefit your goals? Some companies use one or the other, but most utilize both. Illustration and photography can depend on many factors. They can convey a message, educate, and attract attention to a viewer each in their own unique ways.


Custom illustrations make it easy for viewers to understand extremely specific or difficult messages. They have the ability to simplify, yet get the information across every media. The advantages of illustrations are limitless, especially online. A clear and crisp illustration allows you to get information to viewers quickly. Users on average spend a few seconds looking at an ad before scrolling past. Almost any idea can be represented through an illustration because they are only limited by your imagination.

Major advantages of illustration

  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to modify
  • Easy to update
  • Easy to add or remove
  • Do not need equipment or models
  • Less expensive
  • Easier to adjust for print
  • Can expand across every platform and media


Photography allows you to focus on the quality of your product. If consumers see a beautiful high definition photograph, they are more likely to notice you over competitors. Food menus, fashion advertising, and products benefit the most from photography because people prefer to see it before they buy it.

Major advantages of photography

  • Allows close attention to detail
  • Can show the function of a product
  • Makes consumers more comfortable about buying a product
  • Photoshop can heighten and brighten your product
  • Can influence strong emotions and opinions in viewers
  • Can appeal to the other senses strongly: taste and touch

If you need help figuring out your next move in the advertising game, Creativetopia can help! We have the expertise to help you with your photography, illustration, and other design needs. Creating unique, eye catching content is our specialty.

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