Communication with your customers is key. People like brands they can relate to and social media is a great way to strengthen brand trust and loyalty by expressing your brand on a more personal level. Word of mouth: the key is to keep your customers in the loop and actively engaged in conversation. It’s a little like having a crush–the more you interact and participate in social sharing, the more your consumer will notice you. They’ll tell their friends, their friends will tell their friends, and soon you will have tripled your fan base and, more likely than not, your revenue.


Being that it’s the most influential social media platform out there, you’ve got to get your brand added to Facebook’s directory. We can help you create and manage a promotional page for your company, including photo uploads, Facebook ads and splash pages, and social outreach through status updates and posts.


If you’re really into talking, Twitter is definitely a place you want your brand to be seen. Tweet amongst the vast Twitter crowd and follow like-minded influential people and companies. With a 140-character limit you’ll want to make sure what you say is significant and memorable, but don’t worry, we’re happy to take that pressure off your shoulders.

Google +

Google +, what’s that? Well according to the really tech savvy, Google + may one day takeover Facebook. Might be hard to imagine, but the Google brand is going strong and is backed by some pretty powerful think tanks. So whether it knocks Facebook to the curb one day or not, you’re going to want your brand to have its own Google + page. We can help you stay prominent and in the know by creating and managing multiple “circles” (essentially, groups of friends), sharing articles, tips and fun stories, and if it strikes your fancy we can even initiate a few “hangouts”.


Looking to dive into a network full of professionals? Whether you’re looking for potential investors, future employees, or are just looking to connect with people in your industry, LinkedIn is one of the world’s best networking tools. We can help you get to know who it is you need to know by joining industry related groups, posting articles, recent company news and engaging in informative discussions. If you utilize all of LinkedIn’s potential, before you know it you’ll have a whole daisy chain of new contacts and potential business leads!


Have any videos you’d like to showcase? YouTube’s got you covered. With 4 billion hits a day, this is where you want your video featured. I mean heck, parents are making channels for their kids so why not market your brand in the same interactive fashion? We’ll hook you up with a channel, load your footage and figure out how to get you the most views.

With our social expertise you’ll be killing it in the social network arena in no time!