Thanksgiving is so close we can practically smell it! As we wrap things up at the office and begin to prime our bellies in anticipation of the grand feast approaching, we thought we’d take the time to share with you some things that, as marketing and design professionals, the Creativetopia team is thankful for this year.

The new office buildout. Though he’s still going at it, our Forward Paradigm Facilitator and his crew have come a long way in building multiple brand new offices so everyone can have a separate work haven in order to achieve optimal productivity.

Our killer 80 inch screen TV. It really brings that extra wow factor to the work we present to our clients and makes for great entertainment during our Friday fun lunch!

Creativetopia’s new website design. Believe it or not it was just some 6 months ago that we treated ourselves to a complete makeover which boosted our SEO and therefore increased our overall brand flexing ability.

Nashville’s G4E Conference. In April the Creativetopia team had the amazing opportunity of attending Nashville’s G4E where we were let in on some cool and trending Google secrets. You know us great marketers are always ahead of the curve!

Giant whiteboards. Our first choice medium for brainstorming new brand strategies and designs.

Dual Mac Screens.  For better, faster, stronger design concepting and creation.

Basecamp. This web-based project management and collaboration tool makes it easy to keep track of our many projects as well as constantly communicate with our clients so that we don’t miss a beat.

Our Keurig machine. Mmm. Just the smell of a fresh morning brew gets those creative gears spinning and a few cups later has us chugging through the day like the little engine that could.

Social Media. Yo what’s the word? Social media let’s us know what’s up with our clients, our fans and other industry professionals. It also allows us to share with the online world what’s going on behind the scenes at Creativetopia. After all, online engagement is a key marketing initiative these days.

Google Calendar. So we can keep track of all important things Creativetopia such as deadlines, dates with our clients and each other’s birthdays.

Google Analytics. Helps us to gauge our SEO effectiveness so that we can make better marketing decisions.

WordPress. For its easy to use interface and intuitive content management capabilities, its popularity among Google and other search engines, customization and multiple user capability!

Our new Olympus E-PL1. Get ready because this multi lens baby is destined to snap some amazing photographic memories!

Turtle Anarchy. Our new found local liquid creative inspiration. Will work in favor of the Olympus.

And most of all our AMAZING CLIENTS. We have awesome clients without whom we would not have the valuable opportunities and experiences we need to grow professionally as marketing and design professionals. Thank you to each and every one of you! From the Creativetopia team to you,  have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family and friends and quality grubbin’! Oh and in the spirit of Thanksgiving if you haven’t already ‘Liked’ our Facebook page please do so and get your friends to hop on the Creativetopia bandwagon!…tell them you’ll save them some pumpkin pie or something.

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