Standing out is the key to being recognized

There is a famous saying you may have heard, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” That may be a good rule of thumb for some things, but in the competitive advertising world, standing out can give you the jump over others. More directly, just because something is known to work, does not mean it is what works best for your brand.

Everyone can recognize overused stock imagery such as the group of businessmen, the shaking hands, the smiling headset woman, or the high five jump. Sure, these images have worked for some, but they may not necessarily encompass a personable and unique message that your brand could be delivering. When viewers see a stunning photograph or illustration that relates to your brand specifically, it instantly becomes more memorable to them.

Not that all stock images should be banned, they are extremely handy when used suitably. We also realize that avoiding cliché imagery can be much more difficult than it sounds, especially when the imagery is what most people think of when they hear a name or word. However, avoiding the cliché can show just how innovative and unique your business is over the competitors. It is proven that creativity influences more thought provoking opinions and responses.

If you are considering breaking out of a generic theme or idea, Creativetopia would love to help! We thrive on pushing boundaries beyond the mediocre and helping you succeed.

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