The Land of Creativetopia

So what’s with the flying pig associated with everything Creativetopia? It’s all over our website, our print collateral and we’re constantly posting all over the social stratosphere about all things pig (particularly bacon which we realize is rather odd). Outsiders look at him with curious skepticism and our clients have begged us to let them in on the secret behind this seemingly strange icon so we’re finally here to divulge the long awaited story behind our friendly  porker.

(Drum roll please)

Let me start by saying that this pig is no ordinary pig though I’m sure you already gathered that from his wings. You see, this pig is a symbol of perseverance, of overcoming odds.

Separated from his family at birth and sold to a strange farm in the backcountry of Middle Tennessee, Ringo was on his own from the time he was a little piglet. He knew little of himself or where he came from, but despite these uncertainties he was always friendly and kind to everyone he met. He had a heart of gold and, like most of us, wanted more than anything to feel a sense of belonging. But for whatever reason, whether it be ignorance, blind hatred or jealousy, the other animals on the farm just would not accept him. In fact, they made it their job to make Ringo an outcast. No matter how nice he was and how much he tried to make friends, they all looked at him with disdain and disgust. There wasn’t a day that went by that he wasn’t reminded of what a filthy, sweaty, lazy, stupid, know nothing hog he was. And though he knew deep down that he really was worthy of happiness, it was hard to fend off the constant insults stoning his confidence.

That is until one day, while on one of his long strolls, he happened upon a beautiful clearing, across from which and not too far in the distance lay a world of wonderment. He began walking towards it, across the clearing, faster and faster until he was running. But pigs are supposed to be slow moving no? He was just as surprised as his legs sprang up from the ground, carrying him swiftly to the epic sight in front of him.

When he arrived he looked up to find himself surrounded by a most whimsical place–he’d reached Creativetopia, a land where even the most unimaginable things are possible. Before he could even catch his breath, the other animals were greeting him, all smiles, and offering him a plate of French truffles–a delicacy he’d always dreamed of delighting in.

It was here at Creativetopia that Ringo realized his true potential, all because he was given a chance. Free of ridicule, it wasn’t long before he came to understand that everything he’d been told he was, he wasn’t at all–except a pig of course. Besides his new-found ability to run up to 11 miles per hour, he proved himself right that he is no hog. In fact, he is actually quite a good sharer for someone who never was taught nor given the chance to share anything with anyone. And he discovered that, although he may “sweat like a pig”, he certainly isn’t grossly smelly because, as a matter of fact, pigs don’t sweat. All these things he was led to believe about himself were nothing but faulty stereotypes.

Creativetopia gave him the freedom and confidence to discover all the things he is capable of. He’d always had inklings of ideas but now thoughts pop into his head a mile a minute before he can even write them down. This land of understanding cast all his doubts aside and replaced them with a new sense of self and belonging. He felt for the first time in his life that he had purpose. He was on top of the world, the future his to hold. Creativetopia gave him the gift of opportunity, a chance to grow wings and fly above all his prior feelings of self doubt. And from that 30,000 foot view this is what he realized…

He isn’t just a pig in rural Tennessee, he’s someone capable of making an impact, with a road of opportunity at his feet. Whatever he dreams he lives and like us creative humans, he’s a big dreamer.

You see, in the land of Creativetopia where true potential is found, even the unimaginable can take flight.

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