Graphic and Web Designers--What Makes Them So Valuable

Great graphic and web designers can make all the difference.

One of the most important truths of design is that good design is meant to look good, however it cannot be called a good design if it does not communicate your business’s objectives. After all, if you’re going to spend the time and money to get all dressed up you might as well have something to attribute your good looks to. Graphic and web designers are responsible for transforming your business goals and philosophies into a successful visual statement.

What makes graphic and web designers so valuable is their unique ability to join together creativity, inspiration and empathy to craft progressive solutions to problems. For people currently working with or looking to hire a graphic designer, it’s important to clearly communicate your objectives. Designers have a creative process they go through in order to produce a high quality product that’s going to have a competitive advantage over others like it. Usually when someone decides to hire a graphic and web designer it’s because they like their work and have faith in their ability. With that being said, it’s important to trust their creative instincts. Jumping to conclusions and putting too many limits on the creative process will likely disrupt the designer’s flow and hinder their creative capacity.

Emotions speak to creative people in an unusually significant way so if a design is going in a direction you’re unsure about then help the designer better understand what emotion you’re trying to play to. Good graphic and web designers are equally good communicators. They have a knack for drawing upon the feelings, needs and wants of others, summing them up to form an all encompassing meaning and then translating that idea into something that can be seen. Simply put, it’s the designer’s job to come up with the visual solution to the feeling or message you’re looking to convey to your audience. You’re hiring them for their ability to do just that so instead of directing them to “make that bigger” or “move that over there”, let them take the reins in the implementation of your vision. The fact of the matter is that a seemingly small request such as changing a color or font can often throw the entire design off kilter. It’s important to remember that designers are experts at color, fonts, spatial relations, etc. so it’s best to leave the design solution to their well trained eyes…that is if you don’t want the final product to wind up looking as unkempt and nonsensical as Britney Spears back in her head shaving days.

If the design is not seamless, the message sure isn’t going to be either which is why it’s important when working with a graphic or web designer to understand the value they bring to the table. Good designers help guide the client’s vision, their principal purpose being to transform that vision into a visual statement and trademark. They surrender their head (their ability to strategize), heart (their ability to understand and empathize) and hand (their fine-tuned craft) to their client and the creative process.

With the best graphic and web designers Nashville, we at Creativetopia are adept at balancing these considerations of design and the client’s goals so that working with us can yield a product that our clients can be happy with.


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