Maintain brand interest with refreshing website design.

It’s important to keep your website design well groomed. Our eyes are being introduced to so many new things each and every day that they eventually begin to tire of the things they are used to seeing. We’ve become gluttons for online information. With the ever so prevalent and rapidly growing network of social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as the seemingly endless world of blogging, new pictures, videos and facts are coming at us full throttle. With the amount of new information being fed to us by the minute, our eyes simply have too much to process. In order to deal with this overload, they begin to glaze over those things that are familiar and after awhile the old information loses its knockout effect, becoming “old news”.

Think about your closet. I know that some of mine is filled with clothes that date years back. At one point those old clothes shone with brilliance and I used to feel a rush of positive energy upon putting them on. This is until I got tired of looking at them. Some of them I gave away and others I kept and then, with all the empty space left over in my closet, there wasn’t much left to do but buy new ones. It felt fresh and exciting when I wore those new clothes but like the others I eventually grew tired of them.

The great thing about visual trends is that they can be recycled. What might not fit the wearer’s personality or mood today might fit them a few years from now.  There is a time and a place for most everything but no matter how good something looks now, there always comes the time for a refresher. Sometimes you need to peel back some layers.

Our old website wasn’t bad but we’ve grown a lot since 2008 and the time called for a new look to go along with our new growth. Sometimes the issue isn’t even whether it’s good or bad, but whether it fits. Let’s say you’re a car dealer and you have a beautiful website design but it’s crazy loud with color and overweight with content. While it’s a nice, user-friendly website, it doesn’t serve your goal–to sell cars. What you should have is a more simple framework that focuses and highlights on the quality of the cars. People want to SEE what they’re buying so with a tangible product such as a car you want to make the driver feel like they’re virtually in the driver’s seat. What you should have is a more simple framework that focuses and highlights the quality of the cars by featuring 360 degree views with short descriptions of features and specifications.

The internet is an ever-changing, ever-evolving realm and in order for your business to keep up you’ve got to keep your website from going stale. Sometimes this requires peeling back some layers while other times it means adding some cool new feature. Like I said, it all depends on the message you’re trying to get across. Just trust us when we say that when it comes to keeping your website design well groomed, the juice is always worth the squeeze.

Note to reader: If you’re now second-guessing your company’s website, guess no further. Our website design and web development team knows how to keep things real and fresh and we’d love to help you make it happen! Just drop us a line.


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