Vintage and Retro are swiftly spreading

From a Coca-Cola can, to a pair of shoes, to an online shop, you have seen it somewhere. Vintage and Retro designs are swiftly spreading across the plains of advertising again. These old style themes, previously considered to be outdated, are finally being dusted off and renovated with a little modern flavor. They are providing interesting and aesthetically pleasing designs that have increased attention by many.

The advantages to this trend are very direct and specific. Aside from its beauty, vintage design suggests qualities of experience, timelessness, and nostalgia- assets that make many products appealing.

Brands who have designed vintage:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Doritos
  • Instagram
  • Dodge
  • Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co.
  • Willa‚Äôs Shortbread

Not everything is going full blown retro or vintage, but subtle inspirations can be found in a lot of recent advertising.

Common Old Style elements include:

  • Retro illustrations from old print advertising
  • Hand-Written typography and Script Fonts
  • Imagery featuring old cars or television sets
  • Black and white photography
  • Neon colors and pop art
  • Rough textures, such as old paper or wood

This resurge in design is positively affecting many businesses because of its friendly vibe and nostalgic impact on viewers. What do you think about this modern spin on old trends? Does it apply to the goals and style of your business?

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