How Social Media Affects SEO

Nashville social media specialists know best how social media affects SEO success!

If brand awareness and the opportunity to connect with your current and potential customers and clients hasn’t been enough to tempt you into the world of social media, maybe the positive effect it has on your SEO will. Nashville social media specialists don’t lie, it’s true: social media strategies can be effective in increasing your search rank. Social media and SEO may be two separate entities but the lines between them have blurred to where they now work together, building upon one another to create a powerhouse for your brand. You see SEO is all about links and the more and more you link back to your content the more search engines like Google will take notice. Since social media is all about sharing it can be used to your advantage to enhance your SEO.

We’re happy to tell you how social media in general impacts SEO but as far as the what–what kind of content and how to implement it–that’s the secret behind the magic of Nashville social media specialists.

Social media presence is so much a part of Google’s search engine algorithms that search in itself is now becoming social. Google is taking social sharing to a whole new level of genius with Google Plus and the +1 feature. It’s a lot like Facebook’s like feature except that Google takes it one step further by keeping track of the things you have +1’d and personalizing your search experience based on what you and those in your circles have +1’d. Essentially if you and your friend both signed into your Google accounts and typed in the same exact search term you would be given different relevant results based on what your Google connections have shared or +1’d. Your location at the time of search is factored into your search results in much the same way. Pretty awesome, right?

But what does Google care about all these social shares and likes? Google likes traffic-rich sources just as much as it likes informative, SEO optimized content and social media helps point to what’s relevant among internet users. You don’t have to be a Nashville social media specialist to realize that if people didn’t think something was interesting or relevant they wouldn’t like it, share it, re-tweet it, pin it or +1 it. It didn’t take long for Google to catch on to the power of social media either. With this being said, if you have a big social media following or share something that a lot of other people then like and re-share, Google will see you as an important influencer and will be more inclined to boost your search engine ranking. And if Google’s paying attention then it’s got to be important and round and round the circle goes!

Have we sparked your curiosity? If you’re looking to build a social media presence for your company or brand, rumor has it we’re the best Nashville social media specialists around! We love new friends so give us a call 🙂

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